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#FreeKesha: With These Pop Stars’ Help, Kesha’s Next Album Is Going To Be Fantastic

In a sad turn of events, pop star Kesha‘s request for a preliminary injunction that will allow her to release music without the involvement of her alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, was turned down last week. The ruling by a New York Supreme Court judge was met with a wave of sighing and back-patting (and of course, vocal outcry) from fans and other singers, with Kesha thanking everyone for their support on Instagram and Facebook. As we ignore the call for a Sony boycott (it’s really hard guys, think about it), we couldn’t help but imagine how album number 3 might sound like. While her…

Rose Quartz and Serenity: Getting Ready For 2016

After last year’s vitriol over Marsala, 2015’s Colour of the Year which Jezebel helpfully described as “the mould growing in your bathroom that no one will clean”, it seems Pantone has adopted a softer approach to their annual declaration of self-importance. For the first time since the yearly shebang started in Y2K, the international colour standards company (we like to call them The Rainbow Police) has just announced not one, but two Colours of the Year for 2016. READY YOUR BODIES FOR… AND… Rose Quartz and Serenity. So soft, so pastel, so very tumblr. But wait… Where have we seen those colours before..? Hmm……